Construction Management System(CMS)


Control over the workflows, cost and the profitability of a construction company can be ideal out of reach. This desperate situation can be remedied with the help of robust construction management software in a world awash with innovative management software tools. Our software solution can help your business to get a firm hold of the affair of your growing construction enterprise.

Your construction company is on the way to be a master of the industry. With the help of our software solution, the construction management experience could change forever. With your Smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, we can get the magic in your construction management light up your company through our Software solution. We have the ideal software for your current and growing business needs.

DSS IT Solutions helps to meet their objecive and ease up the time and reduce expenses involved in significant investment on hardware/software and maintenance through the software on the cloud, which makes you free from hardware, support and provides you with the "on the go" solution. Some of the advantages are that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere.Construction Management System(CMS) is ERP software to automate the end-to-end process of construction management process from Estimation to Company/Project P&L statement. Major modules of the CMS include:


Estimation in construction management is the calculation of quantities of materials, tools, equipment, labours and cost associated with them. Location and time can cause the cost to vary. CMS system considers all factors and introduce “Rate Card” per location and time which will derive the datasheet for each project estimation. Change in “Rate Card” will reflect and recalculate the estimate in couple of seconds.

PRM Management

Manage the company’s interaction with current and potential customers, suppliers, vendors, sub-contractors and employees. PRM is built on positivity in order for the people and the company to be able to work together to achieve the goal.

Contract Management

Creation, analysis and execution of contracts and change requests to ensure operational and financial performance is maximized, and risks are minimized.

Document Management

Helps to store, track and easy retrieval of the numerous kinds of documents such as design, architecture, legal, contracts, agreement, quotation, invoices and receipt with reduced storage space, enhance the security, and better back up management.

Sub-Contracts Management

Extensive use of subcontractor is unavoidable in this industry. In general,subcontractor management fall into two broad areas: managing people and managing the work. CMS helps to manage both areas as well.

Labor Management

Proper labour management always sufficient to carry out all construction work and completed on time without any delaying of work. Thus, time and cost loses will be minimized. CMS helps to track and monitor labours onsite and their task efficiently.

Material Management

Helps to plan, identify, procure, store and distribute of right materials, at right place, in the right quantity which is the key to success in construction projects.

Tools and Machinery Management

Helps to closely watch the usage of machinery and tools in construction site which is one of the major contributor to the construction cost. CMS track the record of internal and external machinery used per construction site.

Purchase Order Management

The purchase order is a big challenge to most companies, as most of them are complex and find it hard to track how the purchases are made. CMS helps to keep track of all transactions with suppliers and the quantities of the materials.

Material Inventory

A well-managed inventory can be critical to profitability as delayed or misplaced items can incur avoidable delays and unnecessary costs. CMS enables the company to make a detailed and easy-to-understand material inventory.

T&M Inventory

This is the inventory that tracks down what goes in and out of the construction site. CMS helps to make an effective T&M inventory.


Helps to track the amount that is supposed to pay and is responsible for making sure subcontractors and labors are paid correctly and on time for all projects.


Accounts receivable provides a fast and debt-free solution which aids in improving the finances of construction companies. CMS system helps to automate the accounting process, allowing company owners to focus on their business instead of having to track outstanding payments or performing collections on overdue invoices.


Construction accounting is the process by which an accountant records and tracks all of the financial data related to the construction of a project. With CMS, there are incredible features such as accounting for and creating reports for different construction projects. This way, contractors can make financial reports with ease.

Portal Administration

Place to manage the Company, Branch, User and Profile related details. CMS can operate both on the desktop and mobile platforms with same credentials.

Progress Tracking

Helps to update the real-time progress on every activity right from construction site to supervisors and clients with photo which helps to see the progress of work without visiting site.

CMS Feature


Designed to enhance security by defining the roles and responsibility of all users. Entry and access security enhanced through the task-oriented interface and demarcation of the software architecture. Role-based architecture rules out or reduces uncertainties when narrowing down to unethical practices or any misconduct among individuals identified by the walls of the function.

Unlimited User Access

Without charging an extra fee, you plus your team can work together without distractions. CMS gives unlimited access to your whole team, so you can all work together without any hassle. The existing team of the project manager, architects, quantity surveyors, the cost accountants and the construction hands can engage seamlessly through the best software we have on offer.

Four Eyes Principle

Ensures that any transaction/activity, must be processed by at least two people. This approach not only provides the efficiency of processes but mitigate the operation risk and increases transparency.

Cloud computing

CMS enables the solutions accessible from Office, Construction site, Warehouse, Client place or even from Home or when on holiday in order to make real work-flow in process. Update from on the various suit and security protocols of the software will be automatic or a click away from cloud solutions. Our cloud will give your business the peace of mind saving your adrenaline over hitches fixable from the cloud.

Automatic backups

Loss of critical data can derail your construction business. We assure you as our client that all your data will be safely backed up periodically and keep available for restoration when needed.

Free unlimited support

We have a dispatch able team on alert to address on any bottleneck or help you on our software.Our support team is available via telephone from Monday to Friday from 09:00am to 06:00 pm.

Workflow management

Execution and automation of business processes where tasks, information are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules.

Itemise Estimation

Detail estimation is based on datasheet which is created automatically based on project RateCard. Summary Estimate, Abstract estimate,Detail Estimate and Bill of quantity to be generated on single click.

Civil Calculator

It features an easy-to-use user interface which includes a steel calculator, concrete calculator and Material/Labor calculator.

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This is role based application which is restricting system access to authorized users. Role-based access control is a policy-neutral access-control mechanism defined around roles and privileges.

This can be used to facilitate administration of security with any number of users and any kind of permissions.

There are 3 vital information needed to access this application such as company id, user id and password.

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